The sliding door Smart Plus is a contemporary solution for internal spaces separation. The swing doors, which were mostly used in offices and houses, are now replaced by sliding doors which require less space. Furthermore, they are safer and more operative. The operation of Smart Plus sliding door is easy, smooth and silent. This is achieved with the use of double rollers which move on stainless steel rails. This product is mostly comprised by stainless steel accessories which ensure high durability. The glass used is mostly 10mm tempered with great range of colours and digital print themes.

The sliding door Smart Plus is designed to carry very heavy loads. It operates ideally carrying a 10mm tempered glass at maximum dimensions 1,20m x 2,20m. The heavy duty rollers of the door ensure smooth and silent operation. Sliding of the door is very easy and safe. All the accessories of the system are made of stainless steel material. Also the handle of the door is made of stainless steel. The system can proof against air and water by using special transparent profiles. Τhe system can operate either as single door or as double door with the same easiness.