Smart Plus was founded on January 2011, with main purpose to design and produce innovational architectural systems for baths. The products of our company are: sliding shower cabins, swing shower cabins, sliding glass doors and swing glass doors with aluminum frame. In our production plant we design, produce and construct all Smart Plus product range. We choose the best production material, we produce our accessories and we conduct strict quality control aiming at producing systems with high specifications of security and functionality.

Our products are available only in custom dimensions upon request, but with very fast delivery times for the whole Greece. Smart Plus products can be found through our Partners Network, who are responsible for measuring and installing the appropriate system.

The main activity of our company is to deliver systems for covering your bathtub or your shower, with sliding or swing glass cabin, in order to protect you and the rest space when bathing.

The shower cabins of our company are designed to provide the maximum security to the user and the maximum waterproofing for the bath, always with quiet and easy operation. The sliding shower cabins of Smart Plus are registered products for the design are functionality. They are produced according the European specifications, with the best materials. The base used for our cabins, could be a bathtub, a showers tray or a simple bath tile.

The sliding shower cabins contain accessories made of stainless steel for higher durability and stain resistance. The stainless steel used is polished AISI 304. The rail of the system is reinforced so as to be stable even at very long openings. The rollers of the system are produced by very strong plastic material, with double ball bearings.

The sliding shower cabins contain special stoppers with reinforced rubber for smoother and safer closing of the door. All systems contain the appropriate pvc profiles for maximum water proofing. The handles are small and circular for maximum door opening. The glass used are tempered 10mm thick, for maximum security. The sliding shower cabins are divided in single and double door. The single door ones could be straight or angular. The straight openings could have one or two fixed glasses. The double door systems can have also two or three fixed glasses, depending if the system is in straight line or angular. The two sliding doors open on opposite sides and seal with magnetic profiles when closing.

The double sliding and the swing-sliding systems are special products of our company. They are used for very small openings by combining one or two doors and one or two fixed glass in straight lines or corner showers. The swing shower cabins are produced by stainless steel AISI 304 and tempered glass 10mm thick. The hinges and the handle of the system are designed by our company and produced by using solid stainless steel. They contain transparent pvc profiles for water proofing and stainless steel rails for maximum stability. The swing shower cabins are either single or double door. The single door ones, could be straight or corner cabins. At straight cabins besides the door there could be one or two fixed glass. The double door systems are combined with two or even three fixed glass depending of the type of the construction. The two swing doors seal with magnetic profiles when closing.

sliding glass doorsThe next product line is the production of sliding glass doors, for internal spaces. These doors could be either sliding or swing. The sliding ones contain satin stainless steel accessories AISI 304. The sliding doors could be either single door or double door ones. The system contains double stainless steel rails and double rollers with ball bearings. The sliding doors are installed at doom entrances, diving living rooms from kitchens or at hotels diving various spaces. The operation of the sliding door is smooth and quiet. The glass used is tempered 10mm thick. The glass beside of transparent, it could be satin, coloured or even digital printed.
swing glass doorsThe swing glass doors with aluminum frame is the new architectural proposition for the construction of bath entrances for hotels, cafes, restaurants and residences. The aluminum frame is mainly available in stainless steel (look) anodization. The hinges and the lock of the system have the same satin finish. The aluminum frame of Smart Plus also is registered patented product. The aluminum frame is adjustable depending on the width of the wall where it will be installed. Fits perfectly without leaving any marks on walls from 8 cm until 18 cm. Even if the main finishing is stainless steel look, it is also available at any ral coloured agreed with the customer. The glass used is again tempered 10mm thick. The most popular glass finishing is satin because it provides the privacy needed for the bath entrance. Also other kind of finishings can be applied like coloured glass and digital printing.

Smart Plus, design, production and construction of special architectural systems for bath.
Sliding shower cabins, swing shower cabins, sliding glass doors and swing glass doors with aluminum frame.