Cabin enclosures for baths or showers

Produced by high quality material and excellent finishing, by Smart Plus
The shower cabins contain all the necessary characteristics so as cover the needs of contemporary bath constructions of houses or hotels. The shower doors are produced in custom dimensions focusing in their aesthetic and functional equation with the rest architectural design of the bath.

sliding glass doorsThe sliding glass doors are a unique proposition at the creation of internal entrance doors. You can separate your living room, with the rest of your house, using one of the Smart Plus Stainless steel sliding doors.
swing glass doors The swing glass doors with the outer aluminum frame are a modern solution for the creation of bath entrance for houses, gyms, cafeterias and hotels.
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We at Smart Plus design and produce pioneer products, which give effective solutions at contemporary constructions.
Our specialization at the design of shower doors systems, as well as casings for , swing glass doors , have increased the need for continuous creation of new products, which cover the most demanding constructions.
The stainless steel shower door Smart Plus is one of the most reliable solutions for covering showers or bath tabs, even at the most difficult areas, at custom dimensions.
The aluminum frame Smart Plus is the most contemporary suggestion for the creation of entrance at bathrooms and other interior doors.

Focused at providing solutions to all installators, we aim at efficient service from the creation of our offer until the delivery of the final order, with consistence and reliability. All our products are designed to be easy for the installator and provide to the end customer high aesthetic and functional result. Our products are patented, providing us more confidence for the future and come with complete assembly, installation and maintenance instructions, assisting our installator achieving for best possible outcome.